Where to Start with Ruby

To be honest; I’ve been watching ruby tutorials, listening to podcasts and playing with RubyMine(a development environment for developing ruby on rails apps) for a few weeks already. I wanted to have a little bit of knowledge before I started writing because I like to have an overview or big picture of something before I start trying to systematically learn it.

What I’ve found in that time is that just reading a book doesn’t get you very far. It doesn’t hurt, but if you want to squeeze the most out of your time getting your feet wet with examples is the best way to do it.

That being said this book: http://www.humblelittlerubybook.com/ lays it out fairly well. I was still so early in learning that I didn’t take away much from it but just getting familiar with the terminology was a help. I’ll make a section eventually that holds all of the resources that I’ve come across and found useful.

The best things I’ve found so far are definitely the Try Ruby & Ruby Bits 1 & 2 at the code school website. Try Ruby is free but I paid for the subscription to get the others and definitely think it’s worth it. They have a video describing some elements of ruby then give you challenges to complete, the subscription also comes with videos and tutorials on a handful of other languages that I’ll tackle after. I took notes as I was going through the tutorials because the videos go really fast but I lost them when my free trial of TextMate expired so this is a good time to start fresh.

At the end of the Ruby challenges on CodeSchool they recommend some other material; Ruby tapas, practicing Ruby, Ruby5 podcasts and DSL .. but the one site they mentioned that looks the most useful (and is free) is Ruby Koans. They describe it as beginner so it’s a perfect place to make sure the fundamentals are in place before I get too ahead of myself.


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