Recruiting Recruiters

The first post I made on this blog I briefly described the project I was working on at the time. That was in October and I was planning on launching by December, partially the reason that I haven’t posted here since that deadline. Either way, mid February and we’re finally “ready”. (Who said the first product had to be perfect?)

If your reading this you’ve likely been directed from an email from me and still have almost no idea what the site is about or what I’m trying to accomplish. So if you have five minutes to spare I will answer these questions for you and explain why I emailed you in the first place.

Brief Background

If you haven’t visited the site yet  ( we are focused on getting students and recent grads into entry-level careers. Prior to building the site we found there was a huge problem in this market. It was becoming increasingly difficult for graduates to find a career in their field and if they did it was usually with the first company that offered them a job. Two things were to blame for this situation; 1. Most employers were looking for an extensive amount of experience that graduates didn’t have. Without this experience and no way to show off their skills beyond a resume they were forced to take whatever job they could find.  2. New entrants to the job market had no say in what type of company they wanted to work for, they were simply happy to have a job at all. Because there was no “market” for the best entry-level talent, a strong graduate would have no leverage to find the best job possible.

Our solution to this issue is based on the idea of using video to show or teach what you know instead of just making claims on a resume. The video gives job seekers the ability to stand out in ways that were never before possible. We feel that the entry-level market is the perfect place to take video resumes mainstream because these candidates don’t have the experience to fall back on. Having the opportunity to show off their skills in a video instead of having to rely on family contacts and the sheer number of resumes sent out is a huge advantage over anyone waiting for something to “come up”. It also gives the employer a better idea of who their applicants are so  if they were to get called in for an interview they would know that employer is actually interested in hiring them.

The second and most important part of of our solution (where you come in) is our model of “for students by students”. We want Kareers to represent a community of students who have the same values and beliefs as us, not just another job site. This is especially true when it comes to education (See our homepage). We know that our demographic is a lot more capable in the workforce than we get credit for. We are so confident in this we want to give individual campuses the opportunity to run as a student ran franchise for Kareers. In business school we are presented with case study after case study of what to do in situations however it is rare to actually get the opportunity to make important, strategic decisions within a real company.

How you can help. 

There are three things that you could potentially do for us. First, there is a citywide manager position that we are currently hiring for Canada wide. Second, we plan to have campus rep’s running “franchises” in each post secondary institution. Finally if you are not interested or have other commitments we would greatly appreciate you suggesting this opportunity to a capable friend.

What’s in it for you?

As a city-wide manager – This person oversees the team’s of campus reps and citywide strategy for the company. The business model of our company is to sell job posts and the ability to view the profiles on our site. We initially plan to populate the job results with free postings however when selling the posts we plan to pay large commissions to our sales reps who are part of the on campus teams. As a citywide manager, however, you would get a percentage of every sale made from every campus you oversee. On top of this we want to offer a more traditional recruitment option for the exceptional student talent we represent. We plan to charge this out on a percentage of base salary. Again we offer a large percentage based commission from this placement which you would be entitled to.

As a campus rep – We eventually want to grow these teams to a large number of people so they can all participate in decision making and various parts of the business process. The positions among campus reps will vary from marketing and advertising to sales and HR. The sales people will directly benefit from commissions however the majority of each sale will stay within the “franchise” giving the team operating income to make monetary decisions on other facets of the business. To determine who initially occupy’s these positions on each campus we have added a “reffered by” section to our sign up process. Students who are interested in being campus reps can direct people to sign up on behalf of a team name, the team that gets the most signups for their school holds the inaugural position.

The benefits of being a campus rep include:  You would obviously get in-field business experience making important decisions on behalf of the company – You will have direct access to employers we work with and the best jobs in your area. (We want to build an awesome place to work but focus on helping even our employee’s achieve their career goals) – There is an opportunity to earn a real income while gaining experience – You are part of an awesome community and will have the power to find your deserving friends awesome jobs too.

If you are interested in hearing more about our efforts or either of these positions please email me- broc [at] If not maybe you have a friend in mind who would be? The introduction would be greatly appreciated.