Taking advice from a Jets fan

@garyvee might be just as well known for being a Jets fan as he is for WineLibrary. If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk yet your not as up to date with tech as you thought. Gary is in absolute beast mode right now, as Justin Bieber would say. In 2009 he signed a seven figure book deal with HarperStudios for 10 books! He’s published two since then that are both best sellers: Crush It and the Thank-You Economy. He’s had everyone from Wayne Gretzky to Jim Cramer of Mad Money on his Wine library video blog. To top it all off he just launched a newly branded wine review site called daily grape.

If you haven’t guessed already  he’s basically the definition of hustle. Gary has almost a million twitter followers and replies to every @ mention personally. Insane. If you learn nothing else him remember that hustle gets you places and this doesn’t have to mean breaking your back. But it does mean starting conversations with every customer, interacting with every set of eye balls that views your page and searching out every person who is talking about or might be interested in what you have to sell them.

This theory is the fundamental message behind gary’s brand. If you watch one of his video’s, he gets fired up to say the least. Sometimes he can be a little controversial with profanity but he’s unapologetically real with his delivery every time. Whether you like the presentations or not you can’t argue he’s great at promoting his personal brand.

From the first time you post a tweet or status to a social network you have began creating a personal brand, it is inescapable. The power of these social networks is still unfathomable and if you can harness it enormous wealth will follow. Eye balls = cash, period.

The keys to succeeding in a social world.

1.) Find a niche… this better be something you love doing/talking about/writing about every day or you will give up.

2.) Create content… you are the expert (if your not pick a different niche, or become an expert) create something worth watching, readying, or listening to. Ideally video just because it is the easiest content for people to consume but writing or taping your content works too.

3.) Get it out there…. create a website, sign up to every social network you can think of and link them all back to your site. Use twitter search to find people who are talking about what ever your product is. Follow them, if they follow you back then DM them how you can help them, maybe offer them something for free. Even if this free offer is small you will have earned yourself a customer and that person is likely to tell their friends about their experience. Don’t just use twitter, find any platform you can to teach/interact with people talking about your niche. This is where the hustle comes in.

4.) Repeat step 3 then repeat again and again…


Simple right? Not necessarily but its completely possible.

I’m taking his advice with this blog. I may not be an expert self promoter yet but I love marketing and especially the idea of marketing yourself as an asset. I feel in the future resume’s will go the way of blockbuster and people will hire purely based on how you promote yourself and what your personal brand represents. This type of self promotion is more than just marketing, it includes; networking, selling yourself and even leadership qualities. This skill is something not taught in Universities and yet probably the most important skill to learn. What good is qualifications if you can’t sell the fact that you are the best at what you do. I want to help people become shameless self promoters by combining all of these skills to the point where they no longer seek employment, employers are finding them. Personal brands are no longer just for the Kardashians and Oprah Winfrey’s of the world, anyone has the power to be an influencer with a little hustle.


2 thoughts on “Taking advice from a Jets fan

  1. Hate to give a jets fan any advice, other than get a QB and a RB….and focus your energy on 2012….but here’s my input to branding: Focus on driving a connection between your brand and your consumer…by moving your brand from indifferent to liked to loved and then it will become a brand for life. The more emotionally connected people are to a brand, the more power it is able to hold and the more value it is able to generate for that brand.

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