A stripper in a clown suit, tweeting in a library

If that paradox didn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. I could have labeled this article The Power of Twitter but no one really cares about that. So strippers it was, plus the thought of such a sight made me laugh. Although, it’s not that unrealistic. Many post grads have confessed to being strippers or call girls to pay their tuition and with Halloween being yesterday it’s actually quite fitting.

Either way I watched a video on the new stories.twitter.com site and it made me think about what type of information gets spread. The story was about a kid who wanted to help save his mom’s book store so with $1000 worth of credit on his visa he took to his blog and promised to buy anyone who bought a book from his mom’s store a burrito. He tweeted the link and shockingly a blog that usually got a few hits a day got hundreds, the tweet was retweeted and retweeted and he eventually not only saved the store but they had their best quarter ever, literally running out of books to sell.

This goes against a lot of principles. If this guy ( btw his handle is @everydaydude) had a small blog I’m guessing he didn’t have a huge klout score. Albeit he now has over 5,000 followers and works for twitter so looks like the story helped him out. Anyway my point is, common thought about how to be influential on twitter or just in general is to be an expert in a field, interact with your audience and people will gain trust in you.

Exxcept.. if you are doing something remarkable. You might not instantly have a loyal following but it shows you can make a big impact quickly even if your network isn’t that big. The difference is what your spreading and how that will reflect on other people if they share it with their friends. Lets face it, anytime you share a link, especially on facebook, you take into consideration whether your friends will like it or not. If you like it and you don’t think your friends will, you probably won’t share it. If you like it but aren’t sure how you will be judged on it you might DM it to a couple close friends. Twitter is a little more care-free where people usually just speak their mind but you still know your friends are going to see it and consider how each tweet will portray yourself. Have you ever noticed when you get together with your friends in person you will be talking and mention a tweet you sent out or read a while back, almost everyone will have saw it or know what your talking about but why didn’t they say anything about it earlier? Basically the theory is; it’s easy to get your network to look at something, people are bored. But for them to take action, stick their neck out to their network and repost something as their own, that is difficult. It is especially difficult if the topic is something controversial where people have to take one side or the other.

So how do you do it? 3 ways:

1. If people already trust you. You are already a respected member in a niche and because of your accomplishments people aren’t afraid to support you because there isn’t really an argument that you are good at what you do.

2. Be selfless. If you are posting something in order to help someone else people are much more likely to support that. This relates to a quote from Simon Sinek’s book that I have mentioned in earlier posts ” When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you. But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you.” Of course by retweeting a good cause on twitter you are not necessarily competing against your self but you are working as a group not an individual and that’s partly why you will be more likely to be supported.

3. Do something remarkable. (that will cause people to remark about) …If what your doing is truly different or amazing in someway people will love to support you. Have you ever noticed if some of your old friends on facebook are doing something really awesome, maybe they started a cool company or made some music that was really cool, their post will get 3 times the likes and comments of any other random one. Why? Because if your not supporting that person whether they be a good friend or not you are seen as being a little bit cynical. (yup unwritten rules of facebook) If what they are doing is actually cool and you have had at least a couple chats with that person in your life you owe them at least a like.

This list isn’t rocket science, it is also not written in stone but those are the main ingredients I have seen in posts that have attracted the most attention. I wonder if @Jack and @Biz knew the kind of impact their service would have even after a year of it being live. Twitter is so powerful it’s unfathomable. Think about this: twitter has about 50 million users who log in daily and with one tweet justin beiber got 20 million views on his you tube video for mistletoe in 10 days! Crazy. Youtube videos have been going “viral” for years and in the early days they would go viral literally by word of mouth. Even with that form of sharing things spread fast, now with how mainstream twitter is and being a catalyst for sharing cool stuff things can spread exponentially quicker. It’s cool to know that if you make something worth talking about these days, you will get noticed.


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