What would Steve do?

If Steve Jobs were 22 and about to finish university what would he do? I know, if it was his real life he wouldn’t still be in college and he’d already have started to build one of the most famous brands on the planet. Let’s pretend he didn’t. He instead partially succumb to the voices of school = success mantra but it was driving him nuts. He was stuck in the walls of a university waiting to graduate like the he was waiting for the end of a prison term. I think what makes Steve such an admirable person is because there is no way he would put himself in that position in the first place. We couldn’t even imagine Steve adhering to someone else’s ideals of what was necessary to learn or any voice of authority at all. But, in this case Steve would have a fire burning in his stomach. Things need to change and he would be the man to change them. After hearing more about his earlier years since his death it became apparent he was naive to anything not working out his way. He didn’t drop out of college after the first semester thinking what happens if this was the wrong choice? What if I don’t succeed? I would bet that thought never even entered his mind. In this case however I don’t think he would dwell on the fact that he was wasting time in University but learn from it and move on. The faster you fail the faster you learn. The real mystery is with all of the new social media tools how would Steve initially present himself as a person. Some people stand out in the social world because they are experts, some because they are famous, some because they are funny and some because they are respected. At this early stage he would be none of those things, yet. Maybe he wouldn’t have cared for social sites or tried to earn respect by footwork. Instead he probably would have been focused on creating and let the products speak for themselves. However he isn’t just the type who leads by example, he’s articulate and was known for making anyone believe what he believed. All this in mind, Steve wouldn’t be applying for jobs final semester of University. His time is too valuable. He would have a strong belief in what needed to be changed, be looking for anyone who would hear what he had to say about this topic and set out on a mission to fix it. Then or now he would have made an impact on the world. He really didn’t care what other people thought, he was out to make a beautiful product and convince the world they needed what he was making. You can’t help but admire his confidence.  Rest In Peace Steve.


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